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Interview Programme

Instructor: K. Siddhartha

Language: ensemble

Validity Period: 30 days


The objective of the interview is to assess the personal suitability of the candidate for a career in public service by a Board of competent and unbiased observers. Interview is not that of a strict cross-examination but of a natural, though directed and purposive conversation, which is intended to reveal the mental qualities and strength of the candidate.

It is not just an assessment of intellectual abilities alone but also social traits and a candidate’s curiosity in day to day happenings of national and global importance. The interview panel intends to check scores of qualities in a candidate, including balance of judgements, clear and logical exposition, mental alertness, intellectual and moral integrity, variety and depth of interests and ability for social cohesion and leadership.

The board tests a candidate on integrity, the depth in understanding, awareness about issues happening around and how well a candidate is able to analyze and apply these issues in his/her answer.


I. Orientation & DAF Analysis

A.   Introductory Orientation Session by K. Siddhartha Sir.

B.   DAF analysis session by K. Siddhartha Sir.

II. Series of Interactive Lectures (SOIL) for interview

A.   Interactive lecture series by eminent scholars and Bureaucrats.

B.   Lectures on Important contemporary issues Guest Lecturers.

III. Mock Interview

Mock Interview with a panel customized for Stress Interview – K. Siddhartha, Lead Interview – K. Siddhartha, Structured Interview – B. L. Vohra, and Non-Structured Interview – Dr. Qamar Ahsan.

IV. One to One Session with Experts

Personal sitting with Psychologists and Strategic Thinker with a one to one approach to track intrinsic issues as well as tracking the individual thinking development of the candidate – K. Siddhartha.

V. Public Speaking and Personality Development

Detailed Structure of the Interview Training Programme

I. Orientation & DAF Analysis

A. Introductory Orientation Session by K. Siddhartha Sir

All about Interview from Beginning to End – K. Siddhartha (

  • Expectation of the UPSC from the Candidates
  • What constitutes different personalities
  • Can cosmetic changes work?
  • Complete overview of the personality test from every angle and to what extent can it be customized.
  • A 360 degree overview of the qualities which one need to crack the personality test.
  • Do’s and Don’ts for Personality Test

B. DAF analysis session 

  • How to prepare questions which can arise on the background of the candidate.
  • How to prepare probable questions based on hobbies and achievements.
  • Variations in the same questions depending on candidates.
  • Handling niche answers.

II. Series of Interactive Lectures (SOIL) for interview

A. Interactive lecture series by eminent scholars and Bureaucrats

  • A series of intellectually stimulating lectures designed in such a way, that students can answer any questions on it.
  • The lecture series will be delivered by the best known authorities on that subject, who have ample experience in respective fields.

Some of the distinguished speakers include

  1. Dr Qamar Ahsan         :           Economist and Visiting Prof LBSAA
  2. Dr Vikram Singh          :           Former IPS officer
  3. Sri Manoj Singh          :           Serving IAS officer
  4. Dr M. P. Singh             :           Political Scientist
  5. K. Siddhartha         :         Strategic Thinker and Scholar
  6. Manoj Malaynil          :           Journalist
  7. Naveen Sharma          :           Election Strategist

B.   Lectures on Important contemporary issues by guest lectures

  • A three hour lecture specially designed to cover most of the important economic issues which are expected to be asked in the personality test.
  • A session on International Issues and Geo-Politics
  • Customized short solutions on different topics.

III. Mock Interview

The Mock Session, Formal and Informal cover up area of Interview includes:

  • Personal Area
  • Knowledge Area – Their application in civil services
  • Hypothetical Area – To Test Your Job Suitability
  • National Issues
  • International Issues

Mock Interview Session Comprises of four stages.

  1. The 1st stage will be focused towards the general assessment of overall organisation, knowledge and personality of candidates, subsequent to which the individual candidates shall be given specific feedbacks.
  2. The 2nd stage comprises of finding improvements or deterioration whatever the case may be, and providing suggestion required. In the 2nd stage the candidates are likely to face tricky questions.
  3. The 3rd stage comprises of Personality Assessment and may include stress interview to evaluate the stability in psyche of the candidates. Also, there shall be full dress rehearsal with an emphasis upon the creative aspects of the candidates and maturity of his/her thought process.
  4. After the Interview session, the candidates may prefer to meet all the board members collectively or individually to any one of them for further enrichment of their personality.
  5. Systematic Guidance sessions to include every fact of interview including language, body language, expression, perception management and reply perfection.
  6. Very short and crisp material on current affairs for maximum no. of topics to be used as a ready reckoner.
  7. List of the most important topics and a corrective discussion on them.

IV. One to One Session with Experts

  • Aim: Perception Balance.
  • Candidates will have a one to one session with K. Siddhartha Sir.
  • They will be provided with personalized suggestion and improvement techniques.
  • SWOT analysis of the candidate performance over their Mock Interview and its possible analysis.
  • Customised and niche solutions to queries of a student.

Composition of the Interview Panel

The panel is made similar in composition as that of UPSC, and it comprises of an academician, a bureaucrat, a psychologist, a defence personnel and a Mentor. The board comprises a three to four member group headed by retired members of UPSC. The panel for interview is richest in the country and comprises of:

  1. Dr. Qamar Ahsan (Professor, LBSNAA)
  2. Shri N. K. Singh, IPS (Ex. Jt. Director, CBI)
  3. Shri Amitabh Rajan (IAS Ex-Secretary MHA)
  4. Shri Gautam Kaul, IPS Retd (Former Member, UPSC Interview Panel)
  5. Shri K. Siddhartha (Earth Scientist)
  6. Shri Kush Verma, IAS Retd (Officer, UP Cadre batch of 1979)
  7. Shri Mahesh Sachdeva, IFS (Former Indian Amb. to Nigeria)
  8. Shri S. K. Jha, IAS
  9. Shri K. Siddhartha (Strategic Thinker and Advisor to Government)
  10. Shri Abhay Singh (Serving IAS Officer)
  11. Shri V. Ojha (Serving Civil Servant in Ministry of Corporate Affairs)
  12. Shri Lov Verma, IAS Retd. (Formerly Secretary, Ministry of Health)
  13. Professor Vishnu Sahay (Professor, DU)
  14. Shri Shankar Agarwal, IAS Retd. (Formerly Secretary, Govt. of India)
  15. Shri Shafi Pandit, IAS (Former Chairman, Public Service Commission, J&K)
  16. Shri Sandeep Kadam, IAS (DM, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh)
  17. Shri Rizwan Ahmed, IPS (Former DGP, Uttar Pradesh)
  18. Professor Ameen Usta (Former UPSC Panel Member (Dept. of Management, JMI))

Components of Interview Training Programme in Brief

  1. Lecture session on How to prepare Interview.
  2. Identifying issues and tricky questions and their answers.
  3. DAF Analysis.
  4. One to one session counselling session.
  5. Mock Interview of four different types.
  6. Special session for different states problem.
  7. Online Support in the form of one to one analysis on zoom.
  8. In camera recording and its availability.
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